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Basic Sewing


Learn the basics operations & functions of sewing equipment.

Advance 2 Week

Outfit Design

Learn how to design & make garments. 

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Eileen Fisher

Renew Workshop

Specialty camp for advanced students.

Hats from the Heart Fundraiser

 Making hats from scratch fundraising for kids in Childrens Hospital.

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Step Into Fashion

It’s been well over a year now since Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur Monir Zandghoreishi joined her son-in-law Maurice Leary to expand Step-It-Up Camp.


At first, Step-It-Up Camp was the brain child of Monir Zandghoreishi's son-in-law Maurice Leary to provide after-school athletics to high risk students. Maurice started out with 16 kids to help them develop their skills and to stay out of trouble. Maurice himself had experienced a hardscrabble past. He was born and raised in New Rochelle, New York and knew one way to get kids on the right path was by mentoring them and giving them another road map to grow stronger and more resilient every day.


Back 2 School      Fashion

  • Students will leave with real-world knowledge & basic skills to continue a successful career in fashion design.

  • Positive learning environment where they can explore their inner abilities and maximize their full potential.

  • Safe place where students can grow and build friendships that are not dependent by performance.

On-Hands Experience

Learn More

Eileen Fisher Workshop

Learn More

Carmen La Ponte VP

 Quality Vacuum & Sewing

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Monir and Carmen's relationship began a decade ago. After showing the value of the college's fashion program,

Quality Vacuum & Sewing provided in-kind gifts, support for fashion shows, and purchasing of equipment. The program for 6 years established internships possibilities for students.   

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