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 Latino Community

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Parent Involvement


Parents are volunteering alongside their children in fundraising events, art programs, and community activities 

Summer Tutoring

Describe one of your services

Describe one of your services

We are happy to be launching our summer tutoring program starting August 


Pre-K - 1st

2nd - 3rd

4th - 5th

Service Name 

These students will learn to enhance their vocabulary, reading, drawing, and writing skills.

Estos estudiantes aprenderan a mejorar sus habilidades de vocabulario, lectura, y escritura. 

Describe one of your services

Service Name

These students will learn to enhance their reading, writing, and vocabulary skills as well as learning number sense.

Estos estudiantes aprenderan a mejor sus habilidades de lectura, escritura, y vocabulario, y tambien aprendiendo sentido de los numeros. 

These students will learn pre-science, researching skills, and social communication skills.

Estos estudiantes aprenderan pre-ciencia, habilidades de investigacion, y habilidades de comunicacion social.

LAP - Latino Academic Program



Every Wednesday the program begins at 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm at The Hangar Community space. L . A. P,     helps youths develop & enhance their reading, writing, and typing skills, Parents are welcome to stay and hang out during the session or drop them off and come back! 

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Cada Miercoles nos juntamos desde las 3 de la tarde hasta las 5 de la tarde en Diva Coffee shop para ayudar a niños a mejorar su lectura, escritura y sus habilidades de escritura en la computadora . Padres son  bienvenidos durante la session 

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Community Activities

After-school programs, activities, events, and volunteering opportunities have always prepared youths in the community. Using this platform to help them become their best authentic self.

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