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Hawkztec Warrior


In the fall of 2018, Step It Up Camp learned of Nico's battle with leukemia.  We decided to launch our newest community fundraising activity called Step2gether and join the Tobias family to expand the team of Hawkztec Warriors, to help him keep stepping against BLOOD CANCER 


In March of 2019 

 Step2Gether and Nico completed his

1st BIG CLIMB event of Climbing 1,113 steps to combat BLOOD CANCER.


Alberto(Nico's Dad) has been Nico's #1, Hawkztec Warrior for the past decade, and will continue to do so until the victory is won. 

Because The Climbing Never Stops and Neither Do We! 



       Hawkztec Warrior's  


Nico conquered his FIRST Journey of 69 flight of stairs with his family to fight BLOOD CANCER during THE BIG CLIMB

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