F.I.M (Feet In Motion)    

F.I.M - the initiative has a 3 pillar approach in keeping youths active beyond the sports field. Our responsibility as educators is to support kids in becoming well-rounded individuals, by staying active in community projects, events, and outdoor activities. 

F.I.M - targets grades K-12, with a special focus on kids living in impoverished neighborhoods. We strive to uplift these kids beyond negative barriers, helping them to find their path in life.

After-School Project

 Youths  collaborating & sharing ideas and learning decision-making skills.


Cultivating , Nurturing  & Connecting, 

Fun, Fun, Fun

Kids just want to have fun in an environment that’s motivating, inspiring, encouraging & empowering.

Personal Development

Developing a work ethic to reach obtainable goals

Health & Nutrition

Educate youths with the importance of balancing their day with good nutrition and 60 minutes of daily physical activity.

Emotional Learning

Community Engagement

Fundraising & Volunteering

Community Engagement


Building Healthy Lives 

Is about creating an action plan of balancing nutrition & running curriculum with the goal to increase stamina, performance and well being. Our goal is to Instill solid health habits through advanced running concepts for competitive and recreational sports to enjoy  a continued healthy lifestyle.

Before & After-School 

Running Program

We provide a non-competitive environment for youths to explore and develop their skill through intramural sports.  

This exposure will also help them build confidence, self-esteem and the motivation to participate more during school P.E.


Finally, we will use Kinesiology as a basic training tool to help young kids gain the knowledge and benefits of body movement; in keeping the body functioning at its optimal range to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


F.I.M plays a vital role in supporting kids overcoming adversity, making sound decisions; especially as they transition from elementary to middle school and high school. We will be their compass as they navigate through life, preparing them to be positive leaders & role models in their community. Our team recruits volunteers from the community to serve as role models who by example will lead our young generation into a bright future.

Support System


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