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In the fall of 2019 while dropping off a donation of footwear from Nike to a shelter, I met a 12 years old boy named David, he asked me “can you bring a violin next time”? He had shared with me it's his favorite instrument, and his dream is to sing and make people happy with his music. I later learned that his interest in the instrument came when visiting a friend’s house in Kent Washington.


Aware of their living situation and economical status, I did not know how we were going to secure this instrument for him. With Mom’s permission I began reaching out to a church member in the music industry with this story, who told me do not worry, we are going to make this happen.


Weeks later, she was able to secure a violin and a carrying case.

"Life is not measured by what we own, but how we give" We were happy to be a part of David’s dream and look forward to making more dreams come true.


Finally, once in a while if the timing is right before school starts, I get to see David carrying his violin with a huge smile on his face heading off to practice.      

"No One Pays" CHAMPION

                                      Through F.I.M (Feet In Motioninitiative, our 3 pillar platform provides  

Health & Fitness, Emotional LearningCommunity,


 “No one pays” Champion, nurtures kids living in temporary housing facilities, providing access to participate & explore enrichment programs & community activities.

More importantly reinforcing life-changing concepts in helping them becoming well-rounded individuals.


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